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experienced singer needs band


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guess the title says it all really... my last band kinda parted ways about a year ago, and i'm still adjusting. really want to get back into the local scene and play gigs again (man, i loved the gigging). really looking to sing eith a good old fashioned metal band, but i listen to a huge range of things and would try anything (except indie) oh yeah, my voice doesn't really stretch to the grunting/screaming/shouting that all the kids are doing nowadays... sounds like this


somebody got to need a singer?

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If you're interested in singing for a band, then my band the NT Electros need a singer. Ages of the band range from 16-20 and we have two guitarists, drummer and bass player. Badly needing a singer. Based in Peterhead, formed June 06, but took a while for some of us to learn instruments. Doing covers at the moment, 3 songs on the go. We like Muse, the Kooks, Dream Theater, AC/DC, Goo Goo Dolls, Aeromsith, Killers etc etc.

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