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Longhorn + Firebrand Super Rock + Deadloss Superstar + Forge Of Idols = Moorings Bar

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sat april 7



"Officially the fastest band in Scotland. We will race any other band who thinks they are faster. It's a challenge!"

firebrand super rock


"Firebrand Super Rock were forged on the mean streets of eh, Edinburgh in the winter of 2004, but that doesn't matter - they have brought their messsage of Rock to every corner of Scotland and shared stages with the likes of Viking Skull and Electric Wizard. If you want Hard, Heavy Rock n Roll get down to a show and get yerself Rocked up to the eyeballs ya Radge."

deadloss superstar (with binky on drums)


"The three founding members of Deadloss Superstar met at school and in the grand tradition were united though a shared love of rock music. After stealing a hardcore/punk-influenced rhythm section, they set about melding their sound from an exhaustive list of influences including Guns N' Roses, Queens Of The Stoneage, Muse, Alice In Chains, Black Flag, Deftones, New York Dolls, The Wildhearts and Iggy Pop."

forge of idols (david 'sidca' farquhar acoustic )


Lo-fi introspective-sounding psych-acoustic genius

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