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Friday Night Gunfight looking for gigs in Aberdeen

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Firstly if this is in the wrong part of the forum please move it.


Im the vocalist in Friday Night Gunfight. We are quite technical/fast/mosh and that. We are mostly from Edinburgh. We would like to play Aberdeen.

you can listen to us at www.myspace.com/fridaynightgunfight

Please reply here or mail me at gusstav (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you.

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i would speak to the guys in we shall be blessed or something, they will stick you on somewhere no doubt.

dave rowlands is also worth a shout. davidjamesrowlands@hotmail.com

sharon dizzy storm, shazkabam@hotmail.com although she aint doing as much

donnie does the odd show every now and again, he posts on here as donnie.

sound guys, good shows

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you still coming out of retirement for the LaQ in gaygow? im off work on the friday


Unfortunately i will have to captain the good ship toyota avensis to make sure a few folks can get thru and back from Edinburgh.

Its all good tho. I'll still bring the dancin.

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