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Logic 6 production edition


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I don't have Sonar 6 but I have Sonar 5 Producer edition. It is the shizz. Want to upgrrade to Sonar 6 eventually but can't really justify it at this time.

One big advantage over some of the competitors is you don't NEED any outboard processors because it has most of the effects you want contained as plugins. Last time I checked Cubase didn't have such a good reverb..... Lets face it, reverb is the most important effect.

The Lexicon reverb is super lush

Sonitus effects are of a good quality with an extremely user friendly nterface. The ones I use a lot are the Sonitus graphic EQ, compressor, modulator (chorus and flanger) and delay. It has a few others such as multiband compressor, but I don't use them much.

The synths that come with it are mostly fairly pants but you could use them given the right situation with some major tweaking and such.

The Cakewalk effects are also mostly pants.

Not had any real problems with it. Never crashed in the middle of a recording, had a few drop outs but that was probably largely due to hardware.

Note: to set bit depth you need to go through a menu titled 'global'. The 'Audio' settings are not sufficent in themselves.

Sonar 6 producer edition has 64 bit support as well. Probably not very useful at this current time and I don't really see it taking off for a few years.

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