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Amps for sale!


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Few amps for sale... Sorry bout the diabolical pictures on ebay though!

Hiwatt Maxwatt G200 Head (200w) w/Footswitch

eBay.co.uk: Hiwatt Maxwatt G-200 Guitar Amplifier (Head) (item 200069185203 end time 23-Jan-07 00:45:43 GMT)

Fender FM100 Head w/ Footswitch

eBay.co.uk: Fender FrontMan FM100 Head Amplifier (Practically New) (item 200068524589 end time 19-Jan-07 00:25:24 GMT)

Any serious private offers PM me... But those prices are very good for the gear as it is.

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Still up for grabs and room for serious offers... bear in mind both these heads are less than 2 months old and next to Zero wear/tear.

If you took the discount on these heads, and went and got a good second hand cab, you'd be laughing all the way to the bank!

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