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portable/battery power mic preamps


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"The MX54s Pro-Mix Plus mixes three microphones into two transformer balanced outputs. It has three XLR inputs, each with individually switchable phantom power, and Low Cut switches, a Level control, and a Pan control. As mentioned, it has two transformer balanced, XLR outputs. A 1/4 inch Aux/Headphone output has been provided along with a Clip indicator, Power indicator, and Power switch. The unit is also powered by two 9-Volt alkaline batteries (included)" £99.99 + £6 P&P .... not cheap cheap cheap, but deff the cheapest I can find. Who knows what the quality would be like.

Whirlwind also do a single channel pre (Whirlwind MD-1) but I can't find a UK supplier, and the standard budget one seems to be the Sound Devices MixPre which weighs in at over £600.

I've read about field recordists powering normal mic pre's with car batteries before though! A bit of google digging might find out how you could do it. Alternatively, if you're recording on laptop, a USB bus powered sound card with mic pre's would probably be the best bet? The EMU0404 is now in USB form for about 150 ... http://www.turnkey.co.uk/web/productAction.do?dispatch=showProduct&SKU=EMU-0404USB&context=WEB

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