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I have posted this already, and it has been removed - i know its about the "spam" element of posts the admin has.....but this is a good chance for all bands on here to further yourselves...

If you aren't familiar with In the City - it is one of the biggest music conventions in the world - a place where the industry and unsigned bands meet.

Bands such as Coldplay, Muse, Oasis, The Darkness, The Subways, Tom Vek etc etc etc have been signed as a result of their performances....so it is a really good event to play.

There are over 650 bands that play over the four days, and there is still time to be a part of it....submit your details by clicking the image below. If you don't get to play the 'official' show cases - email me at chris.meehan@sentricmusic.com and i will forward your details to the promoters of the 'unnoficial' showcases.

Please don't delete this post as it could be of real benefit to your local bands who use this forum...



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Not sure....there has been so many good bands come out of it. I've got last years compilation CD in front of me and there are so many bands on it that have had success since playing there.

They don't give CD's away anymore though - everything is on iTunes which is crap

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This is going to take ages....so i'll just list the bands on it...

Dirty Little Seceret

New Rhodes

Pekka Volt


Shell Shoch

The Nicotines

The Aeroplanes

The Traces

Vib Gyor

Jodie Seymour

I Love UFO

Good Shirt

My Lates Novel



Figure 5

The Subways

Tom Vek



De Rosa


Change Nothing

Poor old Ben


the Cinematic

The Radio

The Rakes

Fake Ray

Duke Special

Fake Ray

Fear of Music

Auden Prim

Fans of Kate

Eric & The Bunney Boilers

Weapons of Mass belief


We Rock like Girls Don't


People in planes

The sofa club



From all of those....success stories have been as follows:

Subways (obvious)

Tom Vek (albums & tours)

The Rakes (obvious)

Nizlopi (obvious)

Fear of Music

The Aeroplanes

Vib Gyir

Fans of Kate

Others have had mixed success.....but it takes a while - i know a few of them are awaiting albums

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From all of those....success stories have been as follows:

Fear of Music

The Aeroplanes

Vib Gyir

Fans of Kate

how are any of these success stories?

I saw The Aeroplanes play to 15 people in a 300 capacity venue in London about 2 months ago.

for the record, Fans Of Kate have a new line-up/different songs now and are now called New Adventures.

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