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  1. Anybody checked out the download? What do you reckon?
  2. I know that a few of you guys were into Roisin Murphys last single Overpowered. Just wanted to let you know about this free download of her track Modern Timing available ahead of her album Overpowered its a little bit of a bonus for her fans as it doesnt feature on the albums tracklisting. Just click the link below and youll be able to access the download!
  3. Great feedback guys, thanks very much - keep it comingif anyone has any more opinions!
  4. Hi guys, wondered if you could help me out by giving me your opinion on Make Model. Theyre a band making waves in their native Glasgow, but their sound is pretty tough to pin down: they were described on NME.com as a bunch of genius folk bastards whilst Gigwise has them down as a big shiny, thumping pop band of the highest order. Theyve performed alongside the likes of Franz Ferdinand & Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah and have a series of gigs over the summer, including Thursday 2nd Aug @ Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh and Friday 3rd Aug @ Barfly Glasgow. Anyhow, would really like to know how you would describe them, in fact in return for your views I can offer you a free download of their single Glasgows #1 Most Wanted, just click the banner below & follow the instructions at the bottom of the page (you can also hear more tracks on the music player in the top right).
  5. Whilst it's a shame to see independent venues go, I think Barfly do a good job of keeping an independent spirit, and definitely don't polish things up too much (a good thing IMO)!
  6. Just wanted to let you know about the new single from The Orange Lights. The Guardian said of The Orange Lights: Uplifting but scarred widescreen rock: imagine a desolate Verve or U2, and Click Your Heels is the second single from their debut album Life Is Still Beautiful. Produced by Coldplay & Embrace mastermind Ken Nelson, the single is available to download from 13th August and from stores from 20th August. Click Your Heels is backed up with an acoustic version, as well as a live recording of the track from the recent Orange Lights gig at the infamous Ibiza Rocks. You can check the single at The Orange Lights Myspace: www.myspace.com/theorangelights
  7. Anyone heard Roisin Murphys new track, Overpowered? Following on from the sublime Ruby Blue LP, the former Moloko lovely lady has hooked up with Seiji from Bugz In The Attic for this track, and together theyve come up with this superb slice of deep electronic house, backed up with heavier versions from Seamus Haji, Kris Menace, Herv and Loose Cannons. Check out the track on her Myspace, theres also a competition to win a signed Roisin poster and goodie bag with copies of the single: www.myspace.com/roisinmurphy
  8. Some forthcoming Orange Lights tour dates for you, don't know if you might make it down to Glasgow or elsewhere?
  9. THE ORANGE LIGHTS have an epic sound, and an albums worth of big songs with uplifting lyrics. The themes are universal: loss and redemption, clutching hope out of the jaws of desolation and despair - like Spiritualized, The Verve and many great 60s/ early 70s soul records. The sound is atmospheric and cinematic like Doves, U2 and Radiohead topped off with loads of personality and the solid gold voice of frontman Jason Hart. The Orange Lights blend their influences old soul, Brian Eno, Stone Roses, Echo & The Bunnymen, Nick Drake, U2, Radiohead, Ulrich Schnauss and A Reminiscent Drive into perfect pop songs. As several observers have noted: Its the record Richard Ashcroft should have made after The Verve's Urban Hymns. THE ORANGE LIGHTS are what happens when you put two of British pops best-loved bands together. Vocalist Jason Hart formerly plied his guitar talents in Jason Pierces Spiritualized, and you can hear the influence in the The Orange Lights wall of sound. Co-creator of the band is keyboard player and songwriter Paul Tucker who was one-half of Nineties soul sensations the Lighthouse Family. On paper, they seem mismatched. On record, a marriage made in heaven.
  10. Anyone sent demo’s in? Let me know what bands your in… ‘official’ deadline is today remember!
  11. This is going to take ages....so i'll just list the bands on it... Dirty Little Seceret New Rhodes Pekka Volt Primary Shell Shoch The Nicotines The Aeroplanes The Traces Vib Gyor Jodie Seymour I Love UFO Good Shirt My Lates Novel Multiples Persil Figure 5 The Subways Tom Vek HEadland Ampop De Rosa Genaro Change Nothing Poor old Ben Tat the Cinematic The Radio The Rakes Fake Ray Duke Special Fake Ray Fear of Music Auden Prim Fans of Kate Eric & The Bunney Boilers Weapons of Mass belief Vinyl We Rock like Girls Don't Nizlopi People in planes The sofa club International1 Pioneers From all of those....success stories have been as follows: Subways (obvious) Tom Vek (albums & tours) The Rakes (obvious) Nizlopi (obvious) Fear of Music The Aeroplanes Vib Gyir Fans of Kate Others have had mixed success.....but it takes a while - i know a few of them are awaiting albums
  12. Not sure....there has been so many good bands come out of it. I've got last years compilation CD in front of me and there are so many bands on it that have had success since playing there. They don't give CD's away anymore though - everything is on iTunes which is crap
  13. I have posted this already, and it has been removed - i know its about the "spam" element of posts the admin has.....but this is a good chance for all bands on here to further yourselves... If you aren't familiar with In the City - it is one of the biggest music conventions in the world - a place where the industry and unsigned bands meet. Bands such as Coldplay, Muse, Oasis, The Darkness, The Subways, Tom Vek etc etc etc have been signed as a result of their performances....so it is a really good event to play. There are over 650 bands that play over the four days, and there is still time to be a part of it....submit your details by clicking the image below. If you don't get to play the 'official' show cases - email me at chris.meehan@sentricmusic.com and i will forward your details to the promoters of the 'unnoficial' showcases. Please don't delete this post as it could be of real benefit to your local bands who use this forum... Cheers
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