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Black Matter Tunes available


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You can check out our tunes at www.myspace.com/blackmatteraberdeen

The first song available at the moment is our most popular, Revenge is Sweet. It tends to go down best at gigs and is the most memorable for the catchy riffs and melodies.

The second song available at the moment is trip plan. This song has a changing tempo throughout the whole song with rough, rockier parts but more chilled out bits in others.

The last song available is devil's eye. This song is definintly our heaviest song to date and is the bloody hardest solo ive ever made up. Also i sneezed right at the start of the song so the lyrics are off as it was a live recording at captain toms recording studio.

Hopefully there will be some better quality recordings soon as the songs don't really do us justice, but all songs are available for download and sharing is muchly recommended :up:


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