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israelis celebrate 1946 terrorist attack against british


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Those pesky Jews really get your goat' date=' don't they?[/quote']

No, it's the power structures of the state of Israel that I have a problem with, and their rabid followers such as militant right wing settlers.

The only problem I have with jews is the same problem I have with christians, muslims and any other organised religion except maybe buddhism - You can't prove any of it is "real", and you can't prove any of it isn't real, so its simply irrational to be religious.

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Racists who use anti-Zionism to hide their true feelings about Jews.

How can you tell if someone who is a critic of israeli government policies is an anti-semite, or simply someone who is critical of israeli government policies?

Surely a racist, or an anti-semite would be quite open about their beliefs, however ignorant they may be, since they believe they are right? This simply sounds like an easy way to discredit legitemate detractors of the israeli government.

Incidentally, I take great offence at this inference, I am not a racist or anti-semitic and I suggest you think about what you are saying before you post idiotic accusations like that, however subtly you make them.

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1. ww2

2. Britain splits palestine into israel and palestine

3. war

4. Israel invades palestine

5. war

6. Israel pulls out of palestine after repressing all the palestinians for so long

7. ww3?

I dont understand why Palestinians who fight back are called terrorists yet israelis are soldiers

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