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I'm off to Ireland with 2 girlfriends in August and was wondering if anyone could point us in the direction of good restaurants/pubs/clubs to visit. Preferably cheap and cheerful and leaning towards the Bassment/Moorings/Moshulu side of things, maybe places to catch good local music and so on?

Any other suggestions of places to visit are welcome as well. We're going to Dublin for 2 nights, Belfast for 2 nights then back to Dublin for the last 3 days. Giant's Causeway is a sure thing, but other than that we're not really sure what to do other than look at pretty irish men :)

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Firstly, good choice with Belfast. i'm from there, fucking amazing city.

The places to go are:

THE LIMELIGHT - Ormeau Avenue - Rock club, in my opinion the best in the UK, quite small, underground feel, Saturday nights are best but most nights it's open, it's decent. Oasis, Strokes, Blur all played here 'before' they were famous.

KATY DALY'S - The bar adjoining The Limelight, old school bar, excellant guinness (mais oui), brilliant atmosphere

THE CROWN - Great Victoria Street - Oldest Bar in Ireland. If you're visiting, you must stop here for a pint of the black stuff.

AUNTIE ANNIE'S - Dublin Road - bar downstairs, club upstairs. Bar is a bit like Katy Daly's, pretty old school, dead friendly good atmosphere. Upstairs the club is a sweatbox like upstairs at O'Neills in Aberdeen, open 7 nights a week, playing all sorts of eclectic treats.

FRONT PAGE - another small sweatbox venue, good food, quality music, again 7 nights a week.

In terms of tourism, get a black cab tour round Belfast, it'll take you round all the 'sights' (if you can call them that), the murals, Stormont, the Shankhill, Falls, etc.

Also check what's on while you're there, the main venues are The Limelight, Spring and Airbrake, Ulster Hall, Queens University Union, Waterfront Hall and the 15,000 capacity Odyssey Arena, which is also host to loads of bars, clubs, bowling alley and a 12 screen Warner Village cinema.

I'm not overly sure on Dublin, all I can advise is go to the Temple Bar area. You will have a good night. Period.

Mike :)

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