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FREE GIG! The Moorings present: The Dangerfields + The Numskulls

The Ghost Of Fudge

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July 13th

The Moorings Bar

The Dangerfields + The Numskulls.

Free Entry, 8pm.

www.myspace.com/thedangerfields -

Listen up! You know what I hate? Endless discussions about "what is punk?" Yawn-a-doodle-do. Stuff like that bores me, not just because it's obvious that anyone sitting around talking about that crap is about as punk as Busted, but because I already know what punk is. As does anyone who's ever seen, heard or smelt The Dangerfields, Belfast's premier hard-workin', hard-partyin', hard-lovin', chainsaw-wieldin', rock'n'rollin' motherfuckers.

Forget trends. If you're looking for angst-ridden lyrics and post-this, post-that whatever-core, you've come to the wrong band. If you want a showcase of backpacks and beards, look elsewhere. If, however, you want a dirty dose of high voltage rock'n'roll delivered with a crushing blow to the cranium, then The Dangerfields are the band for you - straddling the not-so-fine line between full-on thrash metal and good old punk rock.

"AC/DC meets the Ramones in a Belfast brawl", said one reviewer. "Slayer playing pop punk" said another. "The punk offspring of Nuclear Assault and Mtley Cre" said the next. They were all right.

Across three nightmare-infested Euro tours and countless jaunts around the UK and Ireland, The Dangerfields have held their own alongside Zeke, Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, Speedealer, Electric Frankenstein, Therapy?, Funeral For A Friend, Flogging Molly, Misfits, Marky Ramone, Life Of Agony, Stiff Little Fingers, The Damned, The Exploited, Discharge, Agnostic Front, Groovie Ghoulies, The Queers, Chixdiggit!, Hanson Brothers, Capdown, Leatherface, Electric Eel Shock, Rockbitch and a whole legion more.

www.myspace.com/numskullrocks -

Numskull started rocking in Northern Ireland April 2004 as a three piece. Numskull pride themselves on being a faster than the speed of light pop punk/punk rock band to keep the 'fuck you - lets have fun' spirit alive.

Numskull have kicked ass with The Queers, The Groovie Ghoulies, Against Me!, Even In Blackouts, The Apers, Plan A, 4ft Fingers and a hell of a lot more. With Simsie, John, Mark and Jamie comprising this killer 4 piece punk rock idiocy, what can go wrong? Lets Rock!


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