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Guitarist Seeking New Band


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hi people my names liam im currently the guitarist for the band freddies offspring we are due to split up on july 13th so im looking for a band to shred my talent along too

i play blues guitar and metal

my influences are

Pink floyd

the who

black sabbath

guns n roses

funeral for a friend

i would like to start a pink floyd coer band as they are my idols have seen all members live

and have every album and hundreds of bootlegs but in this case i would not mind wot ever band i join

i have 10 guitars

fenix time capsule 1957 reisue stratocaster

westfield rc 200 fitted with noiseless pickups

fender telecaster

ridgewood l400 epiphone

1960 gibson epiphone

yamha acoustic

santa ana semi sacoustic

hono acoustic

peavey milestone 3

and a fender classical

i also play lapsteal and own an artisan lapsteal

i have been playing since the age of 6 that makes it 10 years i have been playing for

i admit im not a good song writer but i do come up with some really metalish stuff

i can sorta sing screamo metal at least i attempt to

if neone is intrested give me u a buzz thru pm or my myapace account


i promise u will not be dissapointed

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