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To people that have played USA Jacksons and ESP Standard Series guitars...


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Right. I've only played a Jackson PC-1 (Custom Shop). No other Jacksons. It was very very nice!

I currently use an ESP KH-2 Neck Thru (Custom Shop) as my main guitar. It is also very very nice!

I need a new guitar. It must be alder body, maple neck, ebony board, neck thru and have a floyd.

Guitars which meet these specs that I like the look of are the Jackson KV-2 and the ESP M-II Urban Camo.

How do these guitars differ in terms of quality (fret ends, fit and finish, quality of materials etc.)?

I know that my KH will be nicer than both overall. It's between each other that I am concerned.

I have said previously that I was wanting to save for a new ESP Hanneman Custom Shop model but I simply can't afford one any time soon to be honest. Also, I love Floyds - a Kahler would be a nice change (I have played guitars with Kahlers and liked them) - but I'm quite happy with a Floyd.

So yeah, how would these guitars compare?

Cheers guys, :up:


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