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I know this is probably not the right place to go but how much would you say i would get for a bucky lasek signed deck special edition and a signed poster? I met him at the vans skatepark doing promotion for his first element deck (which i got signed) and his new vans shoes, the bucky lasek 2. I would sell them as a pair and it cost me 80 to get it so i would be looking for offers above that. So how much would you say i'd get or is there anyone willing to make me an offer?

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Why don't you just put them on ebay with a minimum bid (quite high if you don't really wanna sell them)' date=' and see what you get?[/quote']

well im 16 and i dont have a debit card thing and my sister wont let me use hers. I did think of that but my sister wouldn't let me for some reason. I think she's hungover! I was thinking on bringing into the skateshops about town, borderline, granite reef, elementz but i haven't been those places in a while and i'm kinda out of skating so i don't know if it'd be a genuine offer. Plus i know from experience that the elementz guy's a bit of a stinge.

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