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Gabby Young Collective

Old Gold

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Anybody see their gig with Frank Turner last night? I was bloody blown away (although not dancing like a twat seemingly made my friends think otherwise.). Like some strange blues/alt/funk mixture.

I've never really tuned in to many modern female singer, but Gabby has the most powerful and beautiful voice I've ever heard. The guitarists were phenomenal too. It's a real shame that they were overshadowed by Frank Turner - who was still pretty fantastic, but already had a fanbase of teenyboppers who didn't do much before his set but give each other fucking piggybacks.

Can't beat 'Worse Things Happen at Sea' though. That boy Turner has some right gnarly chords tucked away.


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Glad you enjoyed The Gabby Young Collective - they were brilliant. I had listened to them quite a lot recorded in the past but live Gabby's voice just blew me away. She and the rest of the band are thourghly nice people too!

Frank's set was awesome - "Worse things happen at sea" (which frank played for the very first time at the last aberdeen gig) and "my dad's a cunt" were brillaint - this was the first time i'd heared it. Only one million dead song this time, and not many covers. Oh and if people are looking for recordings of these songs go to www.frank-turner.com and go to the boards - there are plenty of live recordings and stuff around.

I cannot wait for the new EP - "Campfire Punk Rock" to come out.

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