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Help with Ebay, German translation needed!!!

Guest MKII

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using freetranslation.com:

RARITY absolute MAESTRO SOUND SYSTEM WITH NETWORK COMPONENT IN THE SUITCASE the system comes by Gibson Inc., Michigan. Please you look at also the photo of the inscription. At the same time the connection cables are. It is delivered in the original-suitcase. The device I am take am optically in good condition at that it also functioned I unfortunately no expert and was able to test not all functions. In english: 3 further Ebay-accounts (postage save!) still have soundsystem scarce vintage I! : On mine me-side.

Kind of makes sense.

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hope this helps in some way

They offer here for the following article: MAESTRO SOUND SYSTEM WITH POWER PACK IN the SUIT-CASE absolute RARE PIECE

The system comes from Gibson Inc., Michigan. Please you look at yourselves also the photo of the label. Are the leads. It is supplied in the original suit-case. The equipment is optically in good condition, I takes to the fact that it also functions, I is unfortunately no specialist and could not test all functions.

In english: sound system rare vintage

I have still 3 further ebay accounts (postage to save!) :Auf my me side.



The dispatch effected with DHL and is naturally insured! Ebay fees takes over naturally I. Self-service is gladly possible, for fetching place is 61348 bath Homburg or 60437 Frankfurt(nach date agreement Mo-SA of 10.30-13 o'clock and Mo-Fr of 15-18 Uhr).Die collection must within 7 days after auction end take place.


There are still more E.G. in my ebay shop!Ausserdem I have still 3 further Accounts:Auf of my me side. They find there likewise many interesting articles, to often antique and also or other rare piece for collecting tanks. Buy several articles from our accounts and pay only once postage!!!


Bidders from OTHER of countries I live near the German Frankfurt/M. air haven. If you acres in Germany, and would like tons pick UP piece in person, contact ME. Check out my OTHER ebay auctions - I have more ebay accounts: lake my "ME PAGE"! If you buy more items, you have tons pay pos-meets only for one item.br > Payment: Incoming goods of prefer bank transfer (incoming goods have USD and EURO bank account with internationally IBAN and Swift code) and incoming goods accept cash payment and Paypal. Paypal accepts credit cards (lake homepage OF paypal). Foreign paying fees May apply - please contact ME before paying!

Incoming goods don't accept OTHER paying methods.

Terms And Conditions

With delivery of a requirement you confirm that

them our "me side", which specified ABG's and the revocation

instruction read and accepted. One pays duty after 25§ A USTG -

VAT is document of identification cash those articles remains up to

the complete payment our property. Bieter also under 3 positive

evaluations and/or Bieter with 3 or more negative evaluations must

step before delivery of a requirement with us by email into contact

and its Tel. No. and address admit to give. We announce

ourselves on it and only after our agreement may be ordered. If

that does not happen, we do not keep before the offer to accept itself

and/or the requirement will without comment paint likewise have

Bieter, with which a transaction failed in the past, before

requirement delivery by E-Mail announces itself. Revocation

instruction: They are justified, which Kaufvetrag can do within

14 days after receipt of the commodity to recall-recalling that

contract in writing or by email is recalled. The buyer clings in

the period between supply and return of the commodity only, if he

causes by negligence or resolution a degradation of the thing, the

thing goes down or a publication becomes impossible. Negligence

is present in particular in the case of the nichtbestimmmungsgemaessen

use of the commodity. Entrepreneurs and/or manufacturing ones

are in accordance with § 312d BGB ith Vth m. §§ 355, 356 BGB excluded

from this right. A warranty for used articles is not granted.

The legal after guarantee your-genuinly from 12 months exists

natural those payment of the articles must within 10 days according to

offer supply take place. Our address: Kreiner and Kreiner

GbR Stefan and Thomas Kreiner Louis road 130c 61348 bath Homburg

Tel.:06172/271919 Fax.:06172/271923 Mail:schnippig@schnippig.de

U-St-Id.Nr:DE220732601. Tax number 014-338-60251. Area of

jurisdiction is bath Homburg email:520097821295@t

online.de(anlegeplatz) email:320014552879@t online.de(www schnippig

de) email:tkffm@t online.de(schau.mal) U-St-Id.Nr:DE220732601 tax

number 014-338-60251 Im case of an effective revocation is on both

sides received achievements to be refunded. If you can refund

the received achievement to us not completely or only partly, and/or

in worsened condition, appropriate indemnification according to value

is to be carried out. Further we refer to the following

regulations, which apply naturally also with our transactions:

BGB § 312d revocation and return right with remote paragraph

contracts (1) the consumer is entitled with a remote paragraph

contract a right of revocation after § 355. In place of the

right of revocation with contracts over the supply of goods a return

right can be granted to the consumer after § 356. (2) the period

of revocation begins deviating from § 355 Abs. 2 sentence 1 not

before fulfilment of the duties to supply information in accordance

with § 312c Abs. 2, in the case of the supply of goods not the

day ago of their entrance with the receiver, in the case of the

recurring supply of homogeneous goods not the day ago of the entrance

of the first partial delivery and with services not the day ago of the

contract conclusion. (3) the right of revocation expires during

a service also, if the entrepreneur began with the execution of the

service with express agreement of the consumer before end of the

period of revocation or the consumer arranged these. (4) the

right of revocation exists, as far as another is not certain, not with

remote paragraph contracts 1st for the supply of goods, which are made

after kundenspezifikation or clearly are cut to the personal needs or

which are not suitable for a return due to their condition or fast to

spoil to be able or their date of expiry was exceeded, 2. for the

supply of audio or videoaufzeichnungen or of software, if the supplied

data media were unsealed by the consumer, 3. for the supply of

newspapers, magazines and pictorial, 4. for the contribution of and

Lotterie services or 5. in the form by auctions (§ 156) are closed.

(5) furthermore the right of revocation exists not with remote

paragraph contracts, with which already due to §§ the 499 to 507 a

revocation or a return right is entitled to the consumer after § 355

or § 356. With such contracts paragraph 2 applies accordingly.

Back completion and back transmission costs: , without

ground from the contract to to separate use, then he is obligated

power of the consumers of its right to send the commodity back if it

already received these. The entrepreneur has to carry the back

transmission costs and for the consumer, if this already paid to

return the paid price. The entrepreneur can impose upon with the

right of revocation with a commodity value of up to 40,00 euro the

back transmission costs to the consumer, if he informed the consumer

before about it. If the buyer decided for the return right, the

entrepreneur must always carry the back transmission costs.

Indemnification according to value: If the consumer

already took the object of the purchase in use (differently than an

examination, which would have taken place also in a ladengeschaeft)

and thus a depreciation of the commodity occurred, then the consumer

has to refund this damage to the entrepreneur. A condition is

however that the entrepreneur referred to avoid the consumer at the

latest with contract conclusion in text form to this legal consequence

and a possibility her. Guarantee: In the context of the

legal warranty laws the buyer has the right to require rework or

subsequent delivery if the object of the purchase has a lack with

delivery. A lack is present if the commodity does not correspond

to the description of article with delivery or if possesses the

characteristics necessary for the usual use. (a filler for

example must write.) If the salesman refuses the subsequent

delivery or rework, then the buyer can require a back completion of

the contract or lower the purchase price (decrease).

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Bidders from other countries I live near the german Frankfurt/M. airport. If you are in Germany, and would like to pick up piece in person, contact me. Check out my other ebay auctions - I have more ebay accounts: see my " me page "! If you buy more items, you have to pay postage only for one item.br> Payment: We prefer bank transfer ( we have USD and EURO bank accounts with international IBAN and swift code ) and we accept cash payment and Paypal . Paypal accepts credit cards ( see homepage of paypal ). Foreign paying fees may apply - please contact me before paying!

We don't accept other paying meth"ods."

Duh, in my excitement I didn't notice this bit.

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