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Belladrum Festival, Tartan Heart 2006


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I have.

Its OK. Good crowd, friendly, well run & a real variety of bands playing. Atmosphere for the headliners each night in the sunken garden was excellent.

Only minor nags were that although polite & genuinely helpful, the security was just a wee bit intense. Glass bottles & tins plus amateur recording gear seemed to be the main concerns, not just "security" for its own sake ;) I've seen much worse tho at other places & appreciate that part of the reason was that Highland Council placed some very strict conditions on the licence & Environmental Health gave them the strictest inspection I've ever seen at any festival. Bogs were tolerable & maintained but away from the stages, the other stalls, food, activities etc were a bit limited & queues fairly built-up. All-in, typical of a festival in its early days. Campsite nightlife is good. Plenty of partying! :D

Transport from Inverness was awful (& still worse in return) but better from Muir of Ord for some reason. A taxi would be the best bet & not dear if there was a few of you. Service buses go near the road-end but there is still a fair uphill walk to the site itself. Returning on the Sunday involves all the usual caveats about public transport in the Highlands on a Sunday! Parking is fine for 4 wheels, bloody awful for 2. Got a bit muddy on departure.

I've only heard the same rumours as Efests & if that is true, I might well be going back. Line-up would be the deciding factor for this one for me. :)

Gallery of pics here:


The other big gallery they linked on their site seems to have gone for now. :(

I should add that if you have access to the Royal Bank of Scotland ticket-booking line, the discount on the ticket price is excellent.

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