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sat 18 march - fudgenight - laeto and supports

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9pm sharp, 4, maybe even 3.50 if the door person can be bothered with all the 50p's...



read an interview with laeto in the new issue of fudge (number 11)! pm me for one. wow! laeto're fucking amazing. ask anyone.



"Formed as Fiction/Action early in 2006, Fiction/Action take on a punk rawk edge drawing large influence from discord bands such as 'Fugazi' and 'Q and not U'. Having gigged for the previous year under the name 'Reasons Are Red' Fiction/Action have already played throughout Scotland, supporting the likes of The Kooks and iForward Russia!, and intend to play as many places as physically possible.

Fiction/Action's live show has been favourably compared to the intensity of Fugazi, Q and Not U, Early Idlewild, Les Savy Fav, Jetplane Landing, Shellac, and have been more favourably compared to Mark Rothko's finest work."



"Good day... Just thought I'd let you know that we have new songs recorded with our current line-up which will give you an idea of what we sound like if you need to know for posters etc for the fudgenight on the 18th of next month..."


"Dan Against the World have sensible haircuts, wear normal clothes and maintain key roles within society. They also utilise pop hooks, vocal harmonies and noisy guitars in contemporary guitar based college rock/new wave music.

Formed in late 2003, Dan Against the World have played extensively throughout Scotland and have supported such acts as Distophia, Deadfly Buchowski and Fickle Public.

Influences? Weezer, Elliot Smith, The Beach Boys, Seafood, Pavement, Q and Not U, Postal Service, Jetplane Landing, Caribou, Bee Gees, Kings of Convenience, Ben Folds Five, The Police, The Pixies, Fourtet, They Might Be Giants, The Go! Team, The Futureheads, Cocteau Twins.

The band features former members of The Gloria Flaw who achieved success supporting the likes of Biffy Clyro, Jetplane Landing, thisgirl, The Glitterati and X is Loaded."


"Formed at the end of summer 05, three-piece band Paritys Fall have made an impressionable debut into Aberdeen's fantastic live music community. With a number of exciting support slots lined up for the near future, Parity's Fall are excited to see what the new year holds! Band members Matt (guitar/vocals), Steve (bass) and Ally (Drums), drawing upon their many musical influences, hope to create a new sound - fusing together lyrical trickery, driving guitar riffs, pounding basslines and some seriously precise drumming! The trio hope that their passion for their music will come to the fore in their live performances. Having supported the likes of iForward Russia!, Sucioperro and Kill the young, Paritys Fall are confident that the best is yet to come!"


plus dj stuart maxwell, the second most punchable scenester in aberdeen! and maybe some fudge djs too. depends how drunk we get really.

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