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  1. And to celebrate this momentous occasion they will be playing a rare and (obviously) awesome show. Westport Bar, Dundee, Saturday 16th Feb. Support from Alamos and Hey Enemy. MySpace.com - Laeto - Dundee - Rock - www.myspace.com/laeto
  2. If you will allow me to quash this rumour. Laeto have not split up. Laeto are on the brink of finishing their 3rd album. Laeto will be playing some more shows in the future. It is true that two of us now live in the south of England, however, this will not stop laeto, just slow her down. Incidentally, laeto will be 10 this year...
  3. For sale here at a very reasonable starting price. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=012&item=220032958155&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 I used this kit for many years and was very happy. Hope you can find a home for it. Robbie / Laeto Any questions, drop me a line cooper_robbie@hotmail.com
  4. Sweet. I am looking forward to this like crazy. It is always great fun to play back in my old town. Come on the Mintlaw posse...etc.
  5. For those of you brave enough to venture out of Aberdeen for the evening the aforementioned bands are playing Sunday 26th Feb at the Westport Bar in Dundee. 4 for lots of fun. Of course, if you didn't already know, Laeto are playing the Moorings soon. March I believe. On a Saturday no less. You should probably go to that. No doubt Fudge will do their level best to keep you informed about that one. Robbie
  6. Some Dundee music for you. I got the Spyamp album today and the Uncle Fritz offering at the weekend. Laeto (my band) have played with Spyamp almost too many times to remember and twice with Uncle Fritz but this is the first time I have had a chance to hear the recorded material. Both albums are excellent. Truly. Spyamp GTi - Kind of makes me think of what it would be like if Fugazi played songs by The Police. They have riffs that instantly grab you backed up by drums that you want to see played live. Spyamp are also practitioners of the tantric arts. This gives them the power to successfully navigate through many changes in tempo and time signature. Dayyyyyyyyyyy-O. Uncle Fritz Nine Songs - One man with a guitar (the aforementioned Fritz) playing the kind of things that you might expect such a combination of human and instrument to produce. Thankfully he stays well clear of the territory laid out by the loose headed D.Gray. Fritz is interesting in his use of melody, structure, and lyrical content. What I am trying to say is as far as solo performers with guitars go, David Gray = Bad, Uncle Fritz = Good. In summary, buy these albums. Both are on Pet Pirhana records and are out now. Robbie.
  7. Debut album from Spyamp titled GTi. Listen to tracks here http://www.myspace.com/spyampgti I think they are great! Robbie/laeto
  8. I am looking forward to this muchly. It will be good to play in Aberdeen once more. I hope you southerners know how to rock (I'm from the northern wastelands of mintlaw.....) Robbie/laeto
  9. The album should be on more general release in a couple of weeks through plastichead. They were hit by the storms in London last week and lost their roof! The cd is in HMV because the label dude works for them and in an effort to make sure it was at least out somewhere all the HMVs in Scotland have it. I wouldn't buy it from HMV either.......
  10. Thats right, laeto have a new album entitled 'zwoa' out today, 9th August. This Laeto's 2nd album. Their first 'make us mild' came out in 2000 (it seems longer than 4 years). Due to temporary distribution difficulties it is only currently available online at www.2mf.co.uk or from HMV (the one on Union St.) Hear audio samples on www.laeto.co.uk Hope you can check it out. Robbie/laeto
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