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Ugly Duckling + Giant Panda @ The Lemon Tree


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Formed in Long Beach, California around 1993, lyricists Andy and Dizzy and D.J. Young Einstein have been putting out classic hip-hop records and touring the world for the last 6 years. They've earned acclaim and respect within Hip-Hop culture while consistently selling records and even grabbing an occasional international chart position. Amazingly, U.D. have rocked 5 continents on a quest to spread their positive and exciting brand of music.

Their new album, Bang for the Buck, is just that. 12 relentless tracks with slamming breaks, funky basslines, huge horn sections and tight, aggressive rapping. Inspired by the energy and excitement of live performance, the group sought to translate the on-stage feeling to the recording process. The result is an album that is almost combustible. Included also is a rare collaboration with People Under The Stairs.

Support is from LA/Seattle trio Giant Panda. Having just released debut album Fly School Reunion to mass critical acclaim, their classic approach to making up-to-date hip-hop delivers an album that pleases the purist and satisfies the listener waiting for something refreshing.

The Lemon Tree

Wednesday 19th April

Doors open 8pm

Tickets 12/8 (concessions/members) available from Lemon Tree Box Office: (01224) 642230

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