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Anyone have any experience with Jackson RR-1s?


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Anyone have any experience with Jackson RR1s or ESP SVs?

Hello peoples.

I'm in need of a new trem guitar. I currently use an ESP KH-2 Neck Thru as my main trem guitar.

I also have a custom Explorer and a Gibson LP Limited Edition as my non-trems so need to suggest a non trem :up:

I'm looking at the Jackson RR-1 and the ESP SV Standard. Has anyone got any experience with either of these models? How would they compare to each other in terms of overall playability and quality?

I'm certain that the ESP will be slightly better, it's just a matter of how much so this is!

The ESP will be cheaper and also has the pickups I'd be using as factory standard whereas I'd have to get them put on the RR1 afterwards. I just need to know if it plays just as well?

The other trem guitar I have just now is an Ibanez Giger (with a Seymour Duncan Invader at the bridge).

Basically, I played the ESP then the Ibanez and it was astonishing just how much better the ESP actually is!

I'd like to have something a bit closer to it in terms of quality. When I pick up the Giger, I wish I was playing something better.

In short - the Ibanez just doesn't cut it.

Any opinions (nice ones ;)) welcome!

Note:- I have no means of trying either of these guitars so I'm looking on various forums for peoples opinions.

And before anyone suggests it - yes I am already a member on both the ESP and Jackson official forums... :up:

Thanks, James

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