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Edinburgh weekender 11th & 12th March

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Thought I'd post this from another forum cos it's gonna be ace.

Cold Dead Hands present:

Saturday 11th March:

Burial Year (USA)

Brutal hardcore from the USA, formed from the ashes of Takaru- in fact, contains more or less their final line up, with a new singer, (the guy from A Light In The Attic and Suicide Nation, if I'm not mistaken). If you liked Takaru, you'll not be disappointed as they've picked up where they left off, only they've upped the heaviness. For the uninitiated- blast beats, hoarse vocals and riffs that'll have your eye out, like the mutant offspring of His Hero Is Gone, Acme and Chokehold. Record out soon on Alone.


Zann (Germany)

Face shredding heaviness from Germany. Think typical German brutality given a twist by the addition of screamo influences, they've been compared to a mix of Acrid and Neil Perry (or Born Against meets Slayer- take your pick!), or even older Converge. Raw metallic riffing, screamed vocals, with the occasional discordant melody in the guitars. They've done spilts in the past with the likes of Racebannon and Funeral Diner.



Among The Missing (London)

Upbeat sludge/rock from down South, like a mix of Eyehategod, Black Flag and Motorhead. Have toured anywhere and everywhere over the past few years, turning out splits with the likes of Red Stars Parade, Bumsnogger and Blood Island Raiders. If this lot don't give you the urge to head bang, then you're clinically dead. Features Tim of Naked Shit on vocals.



The Nothing (Leeds)

Pitch black metal-core, features ex/current members of Send More Paramedics, Labrat etc. Described as, "Slayer sexually abusing Himsa while the Misfits look on". Dark melody stabbed with spooky mosh. On Thirty Days Of Night Records( home to Azriel etc) and In At The Deep End Records., they have also done a split with Send More Paramedics called "North Of England, South Of Heaven"



Friday Night Gunfight (Edinburgh)

Local boys returning with their own brand of Converge/Cave In influenced metalcore. Expect brutal attacks, innovative riffs, aggression, technicality, fast, mosh, chug, smash, melody, insane vocals and Magners, and those all important epic parts. New line up, new danger.


Was A Fighter (Edinburgh)

New to the local scene and still finding their feet, yet already more exciting than most. Was A Fighter take dark Orchid style screamo influences and filter it through their love of Mono esque post rock. The end result makes for intricate little concertos of chaos, split into several movements, like Circle Takes the Squares boisterous younger bretheren.


+More to be announced shortly.

Sunday 12th March:

The Holy Mountain (USA)

Blistering hardcore in the vein of Tragedy, Born Against, and From Ashes Rise (with a tip of the hat to Eighties punk & Japanese thrash). Features former members of Combatwoundedveteran & The Black Out Terror. On No Idea Records.

gruff, burly hardcore and sounding much like the larval stage between His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy. Its dense, heavy and impeccably well-played, laden with the kind of twiddling melodies that should keep fans of the more tuneful end of this spectrum happy, if not those more inclined towards the raw brutality of Skitsystem et al. Rounding it off are some smart, well-written lyrics that come across as thoughtful and informed without being overbearing; boiling from the page to engulf the usual suspects (war, debt, religion) with a righteous, eye-gouging zeal for justice and betterment that matches the ferocity of their music blow for pummelling blow.-Alex Deller Collective-zine


Glass and Ashes (USA)

Hailing from Ventura, California, Glass and Ashes soak every possible ounce of spirit and passion from a full-velocity scream! Musically dynamic and compelling, Glass and Ashes is comparable to Torches To Rome, Planes Mistaken for Stars and Yaphet Kotto, with a touch of harDCore for good measure. Full length on No Idea Records, split 7 with Science of Yabra out now on Code Of Ethics Records.


I-Farm (USA)

Starting in Ithaca, NY in the mid-90's and then relocating to NYC's rock mecca of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Ripping fast melodic punk in the I Spy early Propagandhi vein,complete with snotty vocals and biting lyrics. Their fourth coming album IV will be released through Go-Kart records and was produced by Bill Stevenson (descendents/all)

There used to be a lot of bands like I Farm in NYC.. Rampant professionalism and careerism has all but killed New York City's punk scene, but happily, I Farm are still around accompanied by furious guitars, breakneck drums, and jackhammer bass - Jersey Beat


Take A Worm For A Walk Week (Glasgow)

Never has an email been so well timed as the one we received from these guys. Scratching our heads for something suitably mental to inject life and a bit white noise into proceedings: Take A Worm dropped us a line to ask if their was any room for some Arab On Radar/Jenny Piccolo/Locust style ludicrously fast thrash. But of course said we. Features former members of Fighting Red Adair and Julia Thirteen.


Ben Cozine (Edinburgh)

Ben Cozine have got plenty giggin experience under their belts in the last year and its definetly starting to show. The shredding guitar work balances out against nicely varied vocals, the tempo switching between full on head down thrash and stomping mosh friendly hardcore. Theres a diverse spread of modern hardcore influences at work here, separating them from many of their one trick contemporaries.


Black Ark (Glasgow/Edinburgh)

Band whores affiliated with the likes of Snowblood, Friday Night Gunfight and Santo Caserio to name but a few; try, yet probably fail, to live up to the high standards their previous projects have set them. Debut Edinburgh performance.

+more to be announced

Doors Both Days 5pm

Entrance 5 per day or 8 for both.

Further details to be announced.


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Guest Phantomsmasher

Looks right good, quite pissed it looks like I won't be able to go now.

Ah well.

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If we could be back by 11 on monday that'd be good, but to be honest it doesn't matter that much. Espcially as that would mean leaving at about 8 in the morning.

Leaving on sunday night is an option, but since you are driving its up to you

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Rosie and i not gonna make this Maxi sorry, totally fucked after working a 60 hour week gonna need time to recover before doing it all again next week.

Have a good one though! Watch Under Thorns on the Sunday.


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