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What do I need to create a fake mellotron?

Guest MKII

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Mellotron samples in WAV format...

I wish to be able to use the above cd for playing live(with two or three sounds loaded), so what do I need in order to achieve this in the cheapest way possible? Without going near a computer, portable hardware only.

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a sampler and a keybored would be the cheapest way

rack mount samplers are cheap as fuck second hand and then just get one of them wee midi keyboreds to trigger it

Any specific models, I'd need a fair bit of memory?

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Any specific models' date=' I'd need a fair bit of memory?[/quote']

Look for a second hand Akai S5000 or S6000 thats had its memory expanded (most have)

Dunno how much dosh is reasonable though although I know the sampler market crashed in the last few years but now people have sussed out how versatile and timeless they are so are snapping them up again so prices might be on the up again.

I just took delivery of a nu MPC4000PLUS...immense. Uploaed a perfectly sampled full scale Grand Piano with oodles of memory to spare. :love:

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