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Drummonds last night.

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The first band were a treat, they have a lot of potential in their own stuff, and d.o.p.e were outstanding. RAGE were RAGE. brilliant as expected, but contra were fucking amazing!

big up the new bassist like, he was banging out the b-lines dub-stylee, absolutely awesome dont you think? an alright crowd aswell,

wouldnt you say?

was a good night had by all i reckon. looking forward to seeing contra again.

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Yeah I thought Contra were really good. It was nice to hear some old tunes like Jimbani and Dead Wrong, and the reggae song was great. Only thing that I wasn't so keen on was that most of their set was reggae/ska orientated, but they were tight as fuck so it didn't really matter.

As for Rage, well, the fucking bouncer wouldn't let certain members of my party back in after we went to get food so I didn't manage to see them and went elsewhere.

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