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The Mighty Boosh Season Two DVD


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Did anybody get it yet? Is it lush? Do I need it right now? Do you ever drink Bailey's from a shoe?

Gimme gimme gossip. I need the low-down.

not yet (but i have a pirate copy) it is indeed lush, yes you need it right now, and yeah as it happens me n old greig drank baileys from a shoe last night!

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I know! Have you seen the t-shirts? I want the green electro flash one. Yeah Shaun it's out on monday but if you ordered it online you should have got it today. I've seen all the episodes already but I just can't wait to see the extras!

Evil cakes' date=' fiery lakes.[/quote']

I just want everything that's in the shop!

Most of it is sold out though, it's not fair!!!

I'M OLD GREGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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