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Radio Skool+ Ultimate High + Cliche Skateboards - Hello Jo Jo Video Premier

Radio Skool

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Radio Skool+ All Time High + Cliche Skateboards - Hello Jo Jo Video Premier

Hello good people,

Quick thread to inform yourselves that Radio Skool is back again the Friday at Snafu.

from 7-10pm it's the Cliche Skateboards video premier of 'Hello Jo Jo' which will be a classic. Loads of prizes to be won from Boarderline and Cliche.

11-12pm is All Time High from Glasgow

and of course:

12pm-3am is Radio Skools own Dee Jay A'La Fu and quidProquo.

Prices are 3 before 11pm, 5 after (3 to students all night, ID req.)



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I'd be there, but am going home for Christmas - bummer. Would urge anyone who likes quality hip hop, electro and much more to get down with the get down though. Last one I was at with Radio Clit was ace - they were good, but residents were better. Only 5/3!

What's Ultimate High like?

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It aint Ultimate High !!!!


One of Scotlands and UKs BEST rap groups !

Thats shocking not knowing the name of the artisting your putting on

I ain't putting them on....so I'm at liberty to get the name wrong if I feel like it.

Even so that was quite an embarassing faux pas....where's that icon that makes it look like you're blushing?

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