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Nickel Creek


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An evening with Nickel Creek

Wednesday 15th February

Tickets 13.50 (9 concessions & Regulars)

Doors Open: 8pm | onstage: 8.30pm

Now on their third album, neo-bluegrass trio Nickel Creek are still frighteningly young, talented and unafraid to take their music into new territory. While their grounding is in bluegrass, they ignore boundaries between other music styles to come up with a completely unique sound that really comes into its own during their stunning live performances.

"Nickel Creek blends bluegrass, classical music and pop with irresistible aplomb, and sings like angels to boot." Washington Post

"Arguably the finest acoustic string ensemble operating today. Nickel Creek is the future of American acoustic music, and the future never looked rosier." - Chicago Tribune

"they don't think twice about making musical bedfellows of Bob Dylan and Bach in the middle of a bluegrass tune." Los Angeles Times

"With influences as diverse as Elliot Smith, Radiohead, Murray Peharia, and Bach, the Creek are certainly willing to experiment." Mojo

Lemon Tree website

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Guest DustyDeviada

Saw them in Edinburgh a couple of years ago, they are absolutely brilliant, Chris Thile is without question the finest mandolin player in the world and it is a real honour to get them to the Lemon Tree.

Damn shame I'll be away and I am going to miss the gig. :(

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