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John Gillan presents: A Beatles Appreciation


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John Gillan presents: A Beatles Appreciation

Friday 13th January

The Lemon Tree

Tickets 6 (4 concessions & Regulars)

Doors Open: 8.30pm | onstage: 9pm

This year's memorial event for former Lemon Tree DJ, motormouth and music obsessive John Gillan sees the spotlight fall on the most popular and influential band of all time, The Beatles. Local musicians from right across the musical spectrum will join forces to pay tribute to both John and the Fab Four, performing tracks from all stages of their career. As usual, all proceeds will go direct to Roxburghe House Hospice where John was cared for towards the end of his tragically short life.

details of gig

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I was rather tickled by Karloff's rendition of "Help" :)

Our set was so dogged by Black Friday bad luck... mic stand slips in every song. D'oh!

Really well attended gig though! Hope it raised alot for Roxburghe' date=' excellent cause.[/color']

Still a very enjoyable set though, but yeah, shame about the wee glitches - I liked the way they made Chris swear in front of his folks though. Good night over all and has raised around £1200 - thanks very much to all the artists... they all played ace sets for no pay, bar staff who gave up their tips, and everyone who came along.

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