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RFR Promotions Present - Louie @ The Tunnels - Sun 05-Feb-06


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Louie + Support

Sunday 5th February 2006

7.30PM, 5 adv

The Tunnels

Carnegies Brae


Ticket Outlets - Onsale Thursday 1st December

One-Up Records - 01224642662

Fopp Records - 01224636777

The Bassment - 01224572876


"Tuesday 22/11/05 Louie @ The 100 Club, London

by Gareth Rees More Rock...

The 100 Club on Oxford Street has a prestigious history. The large rectangular room looks like a social club or a scout hall and the sound of past glories echo from the grubby walls. The Clash stare and Mick Jagger pouts at you from his frame.

Louies full throttle performance right from the off suggests that they are determined not to let the legends down. The two young front men Gaz Tomlinson and Jordan Smith are building themselves quite a reputation. They lead from the front, no holds barred with the wild eyed intensity of a split personality.

As they speed their way through a couple of visceral but catchy tunes they look like two psychotics having a fit in the same room.

But there are more than two personalities in this band. Boasting a lead, rhythm guitar, bass and drums Louie have the full set. And the six members are required to make such a cacophony of soaring sound. They burst through their set. Smith pacing urgently from one side of the stage to the other eye-balling the crowd making them listen. But Tomlinsons performance is what makes Louie really stand out from the crowd. Other reviewers have inevitably compared the band to The Libertines, but this man is no smack head. Although as he rips into 'The Curves and the Bends', on a natural high, he screeches smoking kills I take pills, suggesting otherwise. His juddering vocal is more reminiscent of Jack White or The Hives. But it is the quality of his voice and the effect the music appears to have on him, making his body shudder like a rigid chimp, which makes him something different.

They finish the set with the crowd calling their name. With the single 'Trees', released later this month and an album scheduled for next year, soon everyone will chanting Louie, Louie



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