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  1. Do you get in free with your Little Man Tate ticket since you will already have paid to get into moshulu that night?
  2. feel i need to come back to this thread. I seen glasvegas play live quite a few times supporting dirty pretty things on a couple of tours and seen them on their own in tunnels, mustve been sometime in 2006 and honestly they were terrible. They couldn't play well together, they used a drum machine and their songs weren't that great. this made me chose not to listen to them at all when they got signed and all the hype started but my god they have came a long way. Havent seen them live since but their lyrics are absolutely brilliant.
  3. couldn't tell you the setlist but they basically played the whole of the first album (can't remember them leaving any out), they even played BURMA, and about 5 or 6 new songs. Opened up with a new song, finished with bang, bang. And just incase anyone asks, no they never played any libs songs. Was expecting them to play alot more new songs, wasn't complaining tho.
  4. cheers steve, should be a good night? of course it will be a good night, its gonna be ridiculous, i dont know one person whos not going, away to hit the pub soon
  5. anyone know the stage times for this. Don't want to turn up too early and queue for hours at the bar
  6. I thought it was pretty good considering it was the aecc. Glad they never played sit down, pissed off the neds
  7. Been announced for a while but haven't seen it on here. Highly recommend this band, seen them a few times now and they keep getting better. www.myspace.com/thetwistedwheel
  8. Look, i like quite alot of bands similar to late of the pier but seen them live last year at leeds festival and found them very unoriginal and quite boring
  9. tickets on sale from aloud.com 9am thursday
  10. maybe theyve came along way, havent seen them in probably over a year now.
  11. does it offend you yeah are great live
  12. i cant understand why glasvegas are so popular, seen them a few times and don't think they're very good at all
  13. this is excites me, pitty its at aecc as they are playing alot smaller venues in other cities
  14. this could be quite interesting, mite go along before the underground heroes gig
  15. everyone should be going to this, was really good the last time but reckon there should be a much bigger crowd this time. Last week of the uni term. If you don't know who underground heroes are go check them out, they're brilliant.
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