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Grafyte - Dance Night


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Hey guys,

Just wondering if you guys think there is any need for a Dance night in Aberdeen, with mainstream artists like Mylo, Tim Deluxe, Steve Lawler, Royksopp, never-ending list...

Would you guys be interested in coming to a night like that once a month. And who would you like to see there?

Thoughts please.

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Guest bluesxman
Okay...It will be a club night' date=' i.e say I got Mylo, it would be a DJ set rather than a live act.

Who would you guys like to see.[/quote']

David Holmes; Death In Vegas; DJ Shadow

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Erm... Tunnels... Snafu.... both easily.

Tunnels - no. it's not a club venue, it's too sterile and doesn't lend itself well to the idea of a "club" night, regardless of what they'd like to pretend. Maybe once they get the other room open it might, but just now? naaah...

Snafu maybe, but it's a bit far from the action - though maybe the opening of Lo Down will change things in that respect.

Dance nights by nature really should be in a decent, large venue - and with the names the thread starter is talking about, they'd easily pull in a few hundred with the right amount of effort.

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Snafu? Bit far from the action? Have you ever been there' date=' Cloud? I literally 100% disagree in regards to that sentence.[/quote']

It's a bit far in the sense that it's not near other places - they have their finger on the pulse allright, though. It might just be me, but I can never be bothered with anywhere that's not on Belmont Street or Justice Mill Lane/Union Street/Windmill Brae or between the two - anywhere else just doesn't get a look in.

The tunnels can be a bit too open at times, but when I've been there and it's been packed out it's been a good laugh in regards to the club nights.

That's exactly what I dislike about it - it feels waaaay too cramped when it's busy - heck, 150 people in there makes it feel rammed, so I dread to think what a club night there would be like when it hits nearer 250.

Space is gooooood.

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For putting on stuff like Mylo, Snafu and The Tunnels would be too small

The Forum would be better

I like the idea of an electronica based night thats leaning between the left feild and the mainstream however....sounds neat

At the moment everything is either way too mainstream or trying-too-hard-to-be-underground ....there is a huge gap in the market imo

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''mainstream artists like Mylo, Tim Deluxe, Steve Lawler, Royksopp, never-ending list...''

see that bit that says mainstream in the original post

thats why somewhere the size of the Forum would be needed, stick any of the above on a poster and you'll fill the place, The Tunnels would probably struggle to even afford the rider and would not be able to recoup the fees without charging about 30 quid on the door. Same for Snafu. (no offence meant its just thet those artists will charge a lot yus)

sounds like a job for an experienced promoter though, Grafyte do have experience of this cos its quite an ambitious thing if you havent already done stuff like this before

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Last gig I organised for Mylo in Dundee (900 people)' date=' sold out in three days.[/quote']

Fuck me, thats impressive and suggests that you've got the skill to succeed at it :)

I'm liking your comments, I'm suprised though that you haven't mentioned Kef for a Venue! Any thoughts??

*trying desperately to stay impartial*

Kef wouldn't be anywhere near the list of recommended venues for such a night - apart from its location, it's not a suitable venue for a decent amount of folk.

I'll admit to working for The Forum and being biased, but it's got professional management who have the ability to deal with large things such as this. They're open to negotiation on all aspects of the hire, and they regularly deal with 400/500 capacity events without blinking. Kef might be "cheap" - but I dare say that unless they're paying you a huge split of the bar, the Forum would be a far better option all round.

Having said that, with the smoking ban looming, you might find that an existing club would be willing to give up a regular night if you could bring in the big names - not going to name names, but a lot of places are struggling financially in Aberdeen and would likely entertain serious alternative proposals.

Edit : Capacity of the forum is 800 I do believe, I'm not sure if that includes the Balcony bar or not, but both bars have a clear view of the stage.

Whatever you do, I wish you the best of luck :)

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Why not Lo Down?

600 venue, with the option of closing down to 250. A General Manager who's very entertainment-minded (that's me, if it's not obvious already), good, reasonably priced booze (getting better once we get our full order in, and cocktail/shooter menu launched). Plus the likes of Mylo, etc. would not look out of place, considering next year we have James Lavelle and Gilles Peterson (tbc) lined up.

Give me a shout if you want a look around the place.

Out of curiousity (and market research): Has anyone made it to Lo Down yet? Don't want to hijack this thread, so feel free to PM me with any comments, suggestions (or even complaints).

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Wax - Where about is Lo Down? I'm up in Aberdeen either on the 8th or 10th of next week. Any chance of coming in and having a look around. I've been given really good offers for venues else where, but you can let me know any more details by emailing me at dave@grafytestudios.co.uk

If there are any other Venue people out there who would like to offer there services for this night please feel free to get in touch. I already have artists booked and others in the pipeline. I generally book three artists at a time so I can advertise the next two gigs on one night. Like I said above I'm up in Aberdeen (from Dundee) either Thursday or Saturday, and the more venues I can see the more of a choice I'll have to launch this huge night!!!!

Thanks for your feedback.

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