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bonnie prince billy + harem scarem


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Here's a bit more info on the show. It will be a collaboration with Harem Scarem performing with Will for most of the performance. It's early days but the repertoire will probably be mainly BPB songs, old and new, and possibly some traditional and Harem Scarem pieces too.

Bonnie Prince Billy with Harem Scarem

Kentuckys Will Oldham is among the worlds most unique and influential songwriters and the latest chapter in his restless mission to explore new ground brings him together with the superbly creative Scottish-Irish traditional band, Harem Scarem in a tour co-produced by Horsecross, Perth and Aberdeen's The Lemon Tree and funded under the Scottish Arts Councils Tune Up scheme.

Bonnie Prince Billy

As hinted by the latest (and longest- lasting) of his many aliases, Bonnie Prince Billy, Will Oldham has a long-standing connection with Scotland and its music. Seduced by the sounds of Silly Wizard, Dick Gaughan, The Corries and more during a teenage holiday in Perthshire, his first single, as Palace Brothers, was an almost direct cover of The Loch Tay Boat Song.

Since then, his pioneering mixture of ancient atmospheres, arcane language and lyrical fearlessness has embraced many different styles, sounds and collaborations while remaining utterly individual. Recordings with Steve Albini, PJ Harvey, Bjork and Johnny Cash, who recorded his I See A Darkness, among many others give some insight into the strength and depth of Oldhams unrivalled musical vision.

the best songwriter to come out of America in the last ten years. And the most challenging. The Observer

not only one of the most distinctive and fascinating musical talents to emerge in the last ten years but a figure as compelling as any in the whole history of rocknroll Mojo


Harem Scarem

Harem Scarem are arguably the most interesting band currently performing on the Scottish folk scene and the ideal partners in crime for Will Oldham. A superb instrumental group, they also boast four fine female vocalists and stand out due to their open-mindedness and consistently inventive arrangements on songs and tunes, many self-penned. Harem Scarem are:

Inge Thomson - vocals, accordion, percussion

Eilidh Shaw - fiddle, vocals

Sarah MacFadyen - fiddle, vocals

Nuala Kennedy - flute, vocals

Ross Martin - guitars


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