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Marmaduke Duke - Secret Show - 21st Nov 05

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Marmaduke Duke

Glasgow Stereo

Monday 21st November 2005


What they do to me when I go see a gig

The Magnificent Duke himself arrives onstage complete with cape and mask, but he is a mere onlooker as The Dragon and The Atmosphere so long shrouded in deep mystery take the stage swathed so as to partially obscure their faces, assisted by scrumptious Scottish rhythm. This is, of course, the Biffy Clyro with their mate JP side project where you see Simon Neil screaming so hard you imagine his corneal limbus and medulla oblongata may just be ejected into the crowd along with him as he corrupts and convolutes every idea you may have ever had about the Biffy Clyro frontman. JP Reid is the perfect foil for such convulsive industry as he controls his side of the stage with perfectly wilting love songs and virtuous use of his guitar. Wonderful.

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thought this would have sold out by now :s

is it just jp from sucio?? i thought this band was like a 7 piece or somehting??

Long story but it only went on sale 20 minutes ago.

There are a few of them.

It`ll be CHAOS!

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tickets are sold out and it's too short notice for me to get anyone to cover my shift. fucking harry potter. but they're sold out anyway. FUCK! i REALLY wanted to see this band.

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