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anyone else watching this on bbc four? it's been rather good. showing an episode of the clangers but also done classic episodes of captain pugwash and rhoobarb and custard. my favourite so far was balloon. it was a magical animation about a balloon captured by a nasty child catcher type villain. v good.

there was a good documentary on just before it about british animation as well. featuring some rather disturbing ones amongst the more well known kids films.

i doff my cap to all animators though, i really don't think i'd have the patience to do it.

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the sandman at the end was terrifying! that poor child. :(

what's newgrounds? will go check it out. i've also been watching a lot of machinima recently(signed off work and college, need to do something to amuse myself) which is videos made using game mechanics for instance multiplayer halo maps and using players as cameras.

edit: newgrounds, i've been there before to look for flash games. tis a good site indeed!

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