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28" television

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28" silver Schnieder television for sale. 50

4:3 aspect ratio, but displays widescreen no problem and automatically chooses best aspect ratio when watching the telly.

Nicam stereo sound.

2 scart inputs + AV input + SVHS input + RF input.


Full function remote.

Almost exactly 3 years old - I've never had a problem with it - It's a great telly - I'm only wanting rid of it because I got a new plasma, and this telly won't fit up my loft. The misuss is getting on at me for it taking up the hall! Otherwise I'd be keeping it.

Would be ideal for a student who fancies a big telly but can't afford one!

PM me if you're interested.



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A new plasma? You lucky get. :)

Aye, 42 inches of pure pleasure!

I must confess - it is an early wedding present!

I've wall mounted it and once i've got all the cables down the back of the wall and tidied up the boxes etc. it's gonna look very cool.

We are very, very lucky people having one of these, but I adore it and now spend my life watching TV, DVD's and playing PS2! Match of the Day is truly amazing! And Extreme Dodgeball is simply superb! Burnout 4 on the PS2 is so fast you can't even react!

So, yeah, I am a very lucky get. but I know it :cheers:

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