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Having gone out of my way to write a couple of pieces and try and get the articles section of the site underway, it's really annoying to see crap like this in the chatroom:

[milner] 1:11 am: hey, im making some songs on cakewalk, can you give me any tips on drum loops and how to

make them really rockiing?

[milner] 1:12 am: just kidding

Is it any wonder that Aberdeen is such a musically dead, insular little cesspool, when it's populated by the kind of people who feel the need to take the piss out of anyone doing something a bit different? What's the point in making an effort to inform people and pass on some knowledge, when it's just greeted with sarcasm and disdain? You can all go and fuck yourselves for all I care, I'm sick to death of you smarmy little self-assured tossers and your pointless highschool bands. Your corner of the Aberdeen music scene is nothing more than a diseased circle-jerk, and it's hardly surprising that it has no relevance beyond scotland.

So, lets see some articles submitted.

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