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It's been a while...


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... since we've been on here talking about atom, and the forums starting to look a bit sparse, so thought i'd take some time out of my busy busy nocturnal lifestyle (tounge in cheek) to catch you all up. Not a big gig plug, or a 'look at us we're ace' just a bit of a blog to say hello and fill you in as to where we've been.

Right, so you've probably noticed, blackatom.co.uk is still dead in the water. It's an end of an era really, Atomweb as you have known it over the last few years under my control is gone. It's a bit of a sad one for me as i have been doing it since 1998, but as you have all probably noticed, i wasnt able to give it the time of day, i think it was last updated in April or something. Thanks for all the input you guys put into the old site thru me, its been a trip, but it's not the end for Atomweb...

We're handing the online home of the Atom over to a fresh face, who you may know as Chaos from these very boards. He's currently working away on a new site, details of which should be coming soon. Until then, please use our forums here and our Myspace Page for all the gig details and gubbins.

So what else has been going on.... well, not much! We have been pretty dormant since the last gig at the Moorings, thanks again for the great turnout for that one, it was a blast! There are plans afoot for a repeat performance, watch this space.

We had hoped to get some time aside to start work on some new material since then, but then we all remembered, we do have lives to lead aside from the band. Myself working and sleeping at opposite ends of the clock (and being prolifically drunk); Len and Joe starting uni again; Mac's started teaching guitar at college beside his other jobs all over the north east; Dan being the workaholic as usual with Uni, work, touring with MMW and time out for a holiday; and erskine, i believe is currently rolling in his own dirt, it's a full time commitment.

Black Atom has really had to take a back seat for the past few months. Normally when we have to do things, it really is hard to get us all in the same room together, even for 2 hours. Recently it has been impossible. Besides 36 hours myself and Joe spent together going to see Maiden in London last month, i dont think i've seen any of the guys for any length of time since our last gig, we really have been that busy of late. But this is life i guess.

The good news is, the Uni term has started and setlled down, as has the college, and you fucking freshers have stopped me having to pull 8 shifts a week (;)) so there is going to be time for us to get together and start playing again, just now we have under 4 weeks to prepare for Halloween @ Moshulu, a gig which i'm promoting, so we're not going to have ample chance to get anything new (in an original sense anyway) together for that gig but you never know. I expect Halloween to be another great excuse to let your hair down, dress like a fool, drink yourself silly (if your old enough ;)) and just have a great time in the company of some great bands, Halloween is one of those great times of year when you just leave all your sceney preconceptions at home and go out to have fun, look like a fool, and not give a shit.

We have been talking about trying to get something in the way of a new release together, in fact the idea has been talked about a fair bit since a band meeting we had a few months ago. But as yet it really is still just an idea. Len the songmaster has a couple of tunes and a bunch of ideas up his sleeve, which we just have to find the time to work on, and as for the release itself, well, i'm not going into too much detail but a clue, it will have something in common with Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Skunkworks and Scenes from a Memory. I'm not saying any more as i dont really know if i can ;). I'll make a point of updating on here when we do make some progress, but as ever with the atom, it may be a slow one, busy lives and all that, you know the drill.

In short, some of us are starting to look like the undead, but we are not deceased!

I really didnt mean to ramble on for so long, i guess you're all caught up now, i hope all our friends out there are well.

So what have you lot been up to?!

-Rass x

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