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A Drumming Job To Die For


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Well its not really worth laying your life down for but you get the drift.

Have you got a drum kit ? Is it a quality kit ?

Do you have transport ? Can you commit to weekly rehearsals ?

Do you wanna gig average twice month to crowds of 300 to 400 plus ?

Are you keen to play old soul classics but in a hard hitting up and at em way !

Do you have good technical ability?

Have you been playing at least 10-years?

Would you be comfortable mixing with 5 horns, Hammond, Njord, 2 guitars, bass and 5 singers, all under the control of our resident sound man, lights man and tech man.

Okay this is the deal........Souled Asylum drummer ( Simon Abbott ) is departing the area

to move back to Australia at the end of the year. We need a replacement its as simple as that.

Not everyones gig, but its a friggin blast playing gigs in a pro type environment.

See the website www.souledasylum.co.uk for details of gear, photos of past gigs bla bla bla.

Drop us a line


Mike :band:

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