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Do you like your ska???


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just on a different note' date=' ska really isn't ska anymore these days. in the same way that goth is not what it used to be. (i love saying that :p )[/quote']

Ha Ha. You're right about Ska though, which means that the peole My Kev was aiming at probably wont like This 'R' 2 Tone at all, but who knows? Ok, they are a covers band, but a damn good one

This 'R' 2-Tone

Saturday 03 September

The Lemon Tree

Tickets 7.50 (5 concessions & Regulars)

Doors 9pm |Support (to be announced) 9.30pm

A massive hit on their debut in January, This 'R' 2-Tone are a dedicated nine piece ska band, delivering a high energy, moonstomping show, incorporating the sounds of The Specials, Madness, The Beat and Bad Manners.

These Edinburgh rude boys convey ska at it's very best, pushing the legacy of 2-Tone further with the introduction of lighting, video visuals, and DJs to fuel their vision that will be . . .s k a d a n c e c r a z e !


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Actually' date=' just had a listen to The Confession and it's not as Americanised as I thought. Nae bad min.[/quote']

Well we're not an American band so that makes sense then!!

fact of the day - Colin, from This R 2 Tone, Bombskare, Mr Z etc etc..........played the delightful trumpet on "The Confession"

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