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Important calendar changes...


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Quite a few of you have expressed some frustration and confusion with having to post event announcements in the Gig Announcements forum before they become manually added to the Public Calendar by the web site's staff. I think I have now come up with an improved solution to the problem that will hopefully encourage more of you to get your events added to the Public Calendar and thus displayed throughout the web site.

As of now all registered members of the web site can add or edit their own events on the Public Calendar by accessing the calendar directly and clicking on the relevant links.

As you will see I've added some custom fields to help guide you to include all the necessary information for the event (location, line-up, price etc). Once the event is submitted then it will be reviewed by a moderator to ensure it is suitable, edited if necessary and then become approved and displayed on the calendar for the public to view. Links that are currently submitted to the new Links Directory are moderated in exactly the same way.

The My Calendar has also been removed as this was not being used by members and was added to confusion in some cases. Please note that the Gig Annoucements forum has now been closed for posting and will be removed in due course.

Please note that sponsors that have purchased their own calendars should keep using their own calendar to post their own events into as these will continue to bypass the manual moderation procedure used by the public calendar.

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This is an excellent plan. But would everyone please take note of 3 things:

1) Best not to use the time option. See if you finish the event any later than 2330 (11.30pm) then it will span two days and look stupid in the calendar. When I'm setting up events I just make them 8am till 9am, then include the real time in the body of the post or tag it onto the subject line. The only people this will confuse is those that shouldn't be allowed out anyway.

The way round this is to add an all day event, then specify the time in the body or subject of the post.

2) Carefully note the convention for the subject line:

[EVENT] main thing + thing two + thing 3 + thing4 @ place

For instance:

[GIG] Led Zeppelin + Green Day + Cilla Black @ The East Neuk


[GIG] Buddy Holly + The Glen Millar Orchestra + Gary Glitter @ The Dancing Cairns 8pm-late

Note that EVENT should be in captial letters, EVENT types are usually:





3) Please don't take the piss and enter something stupid, or Neil might decide to terminate access to this feature. Then people like me will have to feel guilty about not spending hours keeping their calendars up to date. Seriously though, please treat this powerful feature with respect!

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