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Creative Commons - The future of copyright/publishing...?

Afro Droid

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yeah it's an interesting subject. seems quite the antithesis to the music industry in many senses. not entirely related but, i found this site a while back which has a quite an interesting method of selling music: you can listen to the whole album at cd/stream quality as much as you like. it is up to you to pay for it if you want to.


it's interesting just playing some of the compilation streams to get a decent mix of stuff available. if i had enough written material to do this, i'd try to get it sold on this website.

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The way I see it - something is going to have give, and soon. We can't continue to use legislation created decades ago that govern obsolete technology; and always, it's the the little guy that gets shafted as the old guard move to protect their territory. CC is defintitley a route Radio Lucifer would be willing to go down.

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