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Team Sleep, last night @ Cathouse

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Well, the gig got downgraded at the last minute because they only sold 330 tickets, but wahey a smaller venue!! Met Chino before the gig and got my photo with him and the album signed. Got inside and the gig started pretty quickly.

Idiot Pilot were the only support and i thought they were ace although the 'Chino-boppers' behind me and Jen thought they were: Radiohead ripoffs/shite/gay/crap. Their whole album is available from their site idiotpilot.com and they're really nice guys!

Team Sleep were fucking amazing! The whole band were on top form and i never realised quite how tiny DJ Crook was! He's the same height as me! Zach Hill was fucking insane behind the kit and all the other members were on absolutely top form as well! Crowd got a bit mad when Chino jumped onto the barrier.....why they would want to touch a fat, sweaty guy is beyond me...i love him and all i just don't want to touch him when he's pouring rivers. Highlights of the set for me were Blvd. Nights, Ataraxia and Natalie Portman. Got a hold of the setlist and it looks like this -

Blvd. Nights


Kind Diamond

Ever (Foreign Flag)

Our Ride to the Rectory


Your Skull is Red





Princeton Review

Staring at the Queen

Natalie Portman

plus at least two Zach Hill spazz outs on drums. Whole band looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Was anyone else there? Didn't see any familiar faces

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Was anyone else there? Didn't see any familiar faces

I wanted to go down but I'm way too skint.

Sounds like it was a great gig though :)

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