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Elizium tonight reminder

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Okay folks, the next ELIZIUM is :


And it will be held in the


Doors will be 11pm, apologies for the posters which say 10.30pm. The flyers have been corrected, but we may not get the posters changed in time!

So yes, we're moving UPSTAIRS for June. A new promoter is dealing with all the nights in the Pelican from now onwards, and as we only had a provisional booking in place for June we're unable to use the Pelican for the First Saturday. We were kindly offered other Friday nights, but as we'd already committed to the First Friday we wanted to stick with that date rather than confuse or annoy you lot.

However, the Metro have been so keen to keep us there that they're letting us play with the grown-up room upstairs. Bigger bar, more choice, better lights, better sound, more visuals and a lofty DJ booth for Jaymz and I to lord it over you all from.

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