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Freezepop-style electropop and dirty electronic beats all night!

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Just a reminder that ELIZIUM is tonight at the Pelican Club, underneath the Metro on Market St. Doors are at 11pm, door tax is 5 and the music goes on and on relentlessly until everyone manages to scramble free at around 3am.

SCHMOOF are currently hightailing it up from London to play two exclusive Scottish shows for us and Edinburgh's Baby Tiger collective - Think Freezepop, Vic 20, Trademark and Bis - Or, as Black magazine in Germany put it - think "maddening synthiepop na na na songs about visits to the disco, desperately horny extraterrestrials, the unencumbered nature of being a popstar and the protagonists need to decide between chocolate and boyfriend."

Elizium will be playing it's usual crude attempt at music, featuring all the greatest artists in poorly defined genres mixed with all the accuracy of a sledgehammer. Or, alternatively, industrial / ebm / electronica with a dash of whateverthefuck.

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I put it to you that Ross' constant switching of CDs with 10 seconds of play on the other deck left and constant jumping and boogieing around is tiring enough to watch. I press many buttons also. It's all about creativity ;)

Yeah, I had to put up with it for a couple of years too. It's like watching a labrador puppy let loose in a room full of chew toys. Except Ross is less orally fixated. Possibly.

Still, if you'd got to play with the lighting rig in the palace (when it was actually working) you'd be sadly reminiscent about the good old days too. Although I'm sure you can do wonders with some well timed parcans and a bit of the old strobe ;)

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i think me and the neil ex will be going

also will convince the jim and the ross to come too :)


Sounds like a reet giggle. I'll no doubt be sobbing softly in a corner like a proper goth by the time we open - It's been an interesting organisational experience...

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