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The Lovely Daedalian...


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For those of you who don't know them... Daedalian are a band from Glasgow who are one of my fave's. They've played at Drakes a few times and have kicked ass everytime. They're grunge metal, and their lead singer ( Brian ), has one of the most amazing voices :] Could touch anyone's heart...

Anyways ... They've asked to play at Drakes mid-february or something, but they haven't had a reply yet. So ... I'm wondering if there was any chance of some feed back. Please ... Mee and a load of others are desperate to see them * begging *

Oh yeah ... they are very, very hot ;) ...

Please let them know if they can get a gig or whatever asap. :p

Luv Mee xXx :dunce:

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They do indeed have a couple of e.p's. I think they gots another on the way.

Yeah ... last time they were here, there was a little problem with the bassist having a little much to drink, but that ain't ever gonna happen again :p he's been well warned!

They will probs have their newest e.p up when they're here, so bring cash D.J Camie :]

Luv Mee xXx

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