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We Rock Like Girls Don't at LT???


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Yeah - here are the details

Fat Hippy Records



We Rock Like Girls Dont

Ross Nicoll And The


Amy Sawers

Friday 22nd April

Doors Open 9pm Support 9.30pm

5 (3.25 concessions and Regulars)

Fat Hippy Records host their first showcase of 2005 with the

brilliant Amy Sawers starting the proceedings.

Rising Dundee singersongwriter Ross Nicoll has just

released his debut EP on the label. The Mannequins

have been compared to latter-day Manic Street Preachers

mixed with a healthy dose of the Doves and Keane.

Glasgows We Rock Like Girls Don't are gaining a lot of attention

at the moment from all corners of the industry and are an addictive

proposition youll find impossible to ignore.

Eddison headline this showcase with

their The Killers meets The Prodigy take on rock



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Aye Simmie' date=' come to the The Lemon Tree, come to The Lemon Tree, come to The Lemon Tree....does hypnotisim work via web forums?[/quote']

Yep seems to be working!! It's come down to a choice of going to the Lemon Tree, or the "fun" of a 5 hour round trip to Glasgow to watch Kasabian - the Tree has won!!

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Broken Sunshine to replace WRLGD

Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances, We Rock Like Girl's Don't have had to pull themselves from the Friday's line-up where they were to appear to support Eddison amongst other bands on the Fat Hippy Record label.

Now joining Eddison, Ross Nicoll and The Mannequins, and Amy Sawers will be local all girl punk band, Broken Sunshine.

gig details here

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