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  1. Count Arthur Strong unfairly lumped in with other BBC1 character comedy by people on here. But I'll admit that series was poor overall.

  2. RT @newriters: Don't miss Speakin' Weird with guest poet Richie Brown. Tonight at Underdog Aberdeen. #newriters https://t.co/085twbtOWT

  3. Like Spoken Word? You'll love Speakin' Weird! I'll be doing a 20 min set on Wednesday from 7:30pm at Underdog, Union Street, Aberdeen.

  4. @chickenhsebooks Maths meets Mythology. When Theseus fails to overcome the Minotaur, it's up to Donald to calculate his way to victory!

  5. To be fair, this was Progres' 14th European tie and Rangers' 2nd. They were beaten by a more experienced side. They'll get further one day.

  6. @_SunderlandAFC I hope so too, but why the pointless fake account?

  7. @MrNebbi Congrats on the nuptials! I assume there were nuptials?

  8. @leespoons1 So he did have his own song after all!

  9. RT @timnokes: Somewhere there is a painting of Johnny Greenwood ageing horribly #Glastonbury #Radiohead

  10. @AndreaMann Looks like two short ones to me.

  11. RT @AlexDLibrary: Poem for today: My father's hand by Gerard Rochford @byleaveswelive https://t.co/lm4is8JsZg

  12. @IndieOver40 @caroline_binnie The Loft - Up the Hill and Down the Slope

  13. @ariesgirlzz03 It's bad, but not sure it's any worse than ten years ago when Keano ringed the changes. Need someone to do that now.

  14. True legend in sport. Bring on London. https://t.co/ouKU5qJAfD

  15. RT @Eoina_Rodgers: Foxes everywhere after seeing the #ExitPoll https://t.co/HZHCIJ4fAN

  16. I scoffed at this, thinking I'd not be guilty of any. But there are one or two. https://t.co/BN5Ya6yFoN Anyone else?

  17. Soon be time for another Apothecaries meeting with @catrionayule, @HaworthH, @poetship and the non-tweeting EE Chandler.

  18. RT @scottishbktrust: You've got exactly ONE WEEK LEFT to submit your real-life story to our Nourish campaign, for @BookWeekScot: https://t.…

  19. RT @HaworthH: Here's my poem "Gull", published today in "The Granite Mile" (Castlegate Arts). #newriters https://t.co/fJsB3J9OlL

  20. Oho, an extract from Philip Pullman's new #bookofdust has been published! https://t.co/Bt5rAFW2uD

  21. @BlakeHermsprong @FourSkinners @thebuxtonblog Terrorists terrorise. Muslims are human beings. Aren't you?

  22. Argh, EasyJet made me late home for #countarthurstrong last night. Saw him live a fortnight ago and haven't laughed as much in years.

  23. Fun and games with the Greek general strike. Hoping we can make it home on Friday. Power to the people and all that, but hey...

  24. RT @PhilipArdagh: A plea for libraries in general this #NationalLimerickDay. #SaveLibraries https://t.co/VLiBC0rfP1

  25. #TheresaMayIn5Words Hateful Cow, 'Mon the Foxes!

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