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  1. @h_allison_poet Thanks! The gherkin was a bit forced for the merkin rhyme, but I couldn't think what else Hugh's wig would live on as!

  2. RT @HighMossMusic: Here's "Frank and Tilly's Dinner" from "The Arnage Sessions". Buy the album at:... https://t.co/r8yNiMCKRH

  3. @LibraryatEA @ElginAcPE @PoetryDayUK @ByLeavesWeLive Good luck, Keith! A tough job indeed!

  4. @GNFARcomics Ah, I remember that issue well. I loved Nipper, think I have most of the run at home somewhere.

  5. @welshgirlinldon The only nominee who wasn't English was the drummer in Dinosaur. 100% English last year. Idris' wo… https://t.co/5SIwJ1Rd6v

  6. @LibraryatEA Ah, it's interesting to see that Wonka makes it in as an antagonist, it might show which child the voters' sympathy lies with!

  7. @mrjimBob Ah, beaten to the orange-handed punchline!

  8. @markwoff @newsfromnowhere I'm nearly finished the e-book.

  9. Returned to a comic 'epic' poem today, every line helps. #amwriting

  10. @ClintonDangler @mattmunich @TOTPFacts The X Factor bloke ripped Patrick Allen off.

  11. @Firetop_Mnt @Robob_76 I'd go with Creature of Havoc too. Never ever felt I was on the right path.

  12. RT @edbookfest: Today's creative challenge: Write a very short story in just one tweet. Theme: gossip Include #ThePush tag. Happy scribb…

  13. He spent the morning fishing for compliments and landed a 'not bad' and a 'decent effort'. In the afternoon he changed his bait. #ThePush

  14. 'That's it Mabel,' puffed Henry. 'Easier when you pedal too.' It took five miles before he realised she'd fallen off the tandem. #thepush

  15. 'Take me to your leader,' he said making first contact with cub scouts. Akela liked the strange new harmonies during Gin Gan Gooly. #thepush

  16. In the 7 years since she smashed her mirror over his head, he hadn't come back. 'I call that lucky,' she said, smashing another. #thepush

  17. RT @textfiles: Spread the word: The Internet Archive has put up *25,000* 78rpm records, digitized professionally. https://t.co/BwlWuj1NHg h…

  18. Could any of these be useful? @DiddyBoBelle1 https://t.co/3dkhUbZ2YO

  19. Gutted for CJ Ujah. 9th in consecutive championships.

  20. RT @jadamthwaite: @goosefat101 @edbookfest We'll be handing #ThePush steering wheel to @edbookfest for a while; be sure to look out for the…

  21. RIP Adobe Flash - the software that made 'skip intro' such an important part of our web experience.

  22. #safc hashtag is full of Newcastle fans and their unfunny posts. Give it a rest, I'm sick of having to scroll past them.

  23. #TheSweetMakers Interesting dental segment pre and post introduction of sugar to Britain!

  24. @waldron1994 Any ideas who?

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