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  1. checking if anybody has one around here they want to sell, need it asap cheers
  2. how much for the mini china?
  3. Cool yea thats good with me i
  4. http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb85/clarymore/2011-10-21_132050.jpg http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb85/clarymore/2011-10-21_132101.jpg Pics folks Any offers?
  5. Selling this for £40 This is just the guitar excl the amp Still in good condition, red and white in colour. I can put up a picture on request
  6. Hey, I'm looking to buy Axis double bassdrum pedals for a reasonable price, if there are any on offer around here? Cheers
  7. look up Millenium Child, hes a motivated dude who does projects in Aberdeen http://www.millenniumchildww.com/about.html think his email is milleniumchild@aol.com or something
  8. hey dude i sent you a PM I think, we're looking for a guitarist
  9. We are a drummer and singer looking to play black and death metal styles which aren't overly generic. Striving for some atmosphere and a bit of technicality. Looking for a guitarist, keyboard player and open to other musicians. Get in contact if interested. R
  10. Bloodstock Outdoor Heavy Metal festival - UK's largest Independent Heavy Metal Festival Hey, I'm seeking people who are going down to the festival from Aberdeen or a nearby area, to perhaps travel in a group (if by car I'd chip in for petrol), I can also drive myself if that helps. Some of my friends have pulled out of this mission, so please get to me if you are going down to the festival aswell :] thanks, Ruth C
  11. wonderful collection, however it would be amazing to have MEAD! I know no pubs that do, and I would be first to order some here!
  12. hey I'm a metal drummer if you guys are interested
  13. Looking for musicians, guitars or bass, enthusiastic about writing and playing black or death metal. Send me a message if youre interested with youre personal preference.
  14. Hi there, I have a pearl single pedal which has been used but is in new condition, in RPP it's 50-60 but I wanna get rid of this and sell it for 30 Also I have ludwig double kick pedals, which are particularly great for anyone getting into double bass. I'm selling that at 50, and it's usually still sold at twice that price. oh and I also have a fender strat squire for sale of 45 including the amp. Let me know if anybody is interested!
  15. Gypsum

    Drum Stuff

    how much is the ride?
  16. hey guys, I'm a metal drummer and do a heavy/tech style with double bass. Anyone in need or a drummer or looking to start a metal band?
  17. Looking for some musicians interested in black metal, mainly guitarists.. leme know
  18. i am a drummer and keyboard player if your interested.
  19. Im a drummer, have good technical ability and groove. by tech metal do you mean insanely strange time signatures changes and stuff in it?
  20. im looking start something death/black metal, im a drummer. if your interested
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